Liturgical dress of the Augustinians – procession

An example of various historical vestments in liturgical colours from the 17th and 18th centuries. The chasuble includes a stole, maniple and velum to cover the chalice. The chasubles are decorated with various hand embroidery techniques. Members of the Order of St Augustine normally wear a black religious habit with a long pointed hood and a leather belt around the waist. Here in Old Brno, however, there was a special exception until the beginning of the communist era, which helped to highlight the special and unique setting of the Abbey in the Augustinian Order. The brothers of this convent wore robes different from the rest of the order, black with buttons and a rounded short hood without a peak. This is a unique feature of the Augustinian Order that was abolished during the Communist era, when the brothers were not allowed to wear robes at all. Today, the members of the Abbey Convent wear the same clothes as the others.