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Dear friends of G. J. Mendel,
We invite you to the new exhibition of the Mendel Salon, a new part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the Old Brno Abbey.
At the exhibition you can admire, among other exhibits, the star to the Commander’s Cross (the Commander’s Cross is the highest order that was awarded to G. J. Mendel was awarded by Emperor Franz Joseph himself), Mendel’s pectoral cross and a portrait of the abbot of the Augustinian monastery Gregor Mendel sitting in a chair with his right hand resting on a table top by Alois Zenker (1884)

The Museum of the Old Brno Abbey is a newly founded institution whose mission is to show the richness of the collections of the Augustinian Order and the Old Brno Monastery, which celebrates 700 years since its foundation in 2023. It consists of galleries of medieval, early modern, baroque and more recent art.

As a result of the Josephine reform, the Augustinians had to move from their original monastery of St. Tomas on Moravské náměstí and as a replacement they got the empty Cistercian monastery in Old Brno. This monastery was founded in 1323 by the Czech and Polish queen dowager Eliška Rejčka.

As a compensation for the complications caused by the move, the Augustinians received from Emperor Joseph II. a collection of Baroque works of art, most of which decorate the pinacoteca of the Museum of the Old Brno Abbey, which is located in the former dormitory of the Cistercian nuns.

In the Cistercian chapel, which is vaulted with an eight-part Gothic rib vault, you will find a treasury with very rare abbey insignia and jewels, and in other rooms, for example, a rich collection of liturgical vessels and vestments.

The Museum of the Old Brno Abbey houses the Salon of Gregor Johann Mendel and Leoš Janáček, to which a separate room is dedicated.

The museum complex also includes a unique Augustinian Baroque library with valuable historical volumes. They are stored in beautiful cabinets decorated with artistic carvings. It was made in 18. century under Abbot Matthew Joseph Pertscher.

In addition to the library, you can also visit the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Old Brno.

Tours of the basilica and library are by appointment only with a guide provided by the Mendel Museum. The website describes the ordering/booking procedure. The Mendel Museum also sells tickets for the Old Brno Abbey Museum, which can be visited during visiting hours without a guide.


Treasures of the monastery

Permanent exhibition

Baroque monastery library

Carving art of the workshop of Bernard Stöttner /1737-1782/

Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Palladium of Brno

The final resting place of Queen Eliška Rejčka