Miniature from the 18th century painted on parchment

An insight into Augustinian heaven is provided by a painting depicting a theme inspired by the so-called belt fraternities of Our Lady of Consolation and St. Monica The Augustinian Order promoted and founded these fraternities. At the same time, he was their ecclesiastical patron. St. Augustine, St. Monica and St. Nicholas of Tolentino were also the central saints of these fraternities. This monastery was the ecclesiastical patron of the Brno belted fraternity of Our Lady of Consolation and St. Monica. The emblem of the Order of Brno Augustinian Eremites carries the message of the belt. In a golden field there is a red flaming heart, which is encircled by a black belt and pierced by an arrow. The religious garb then consists of a black hooded habit and a black leather belt. This tradition of using the Augustinian belt is the basis of the belted fraternity mentioned several times. The painting depicts Our Lady of St. Thomas with the Augustinian saints holding the consecrated belts. The belt held by the Virgin Mary, the Little Jesus, the saints and the angels is the means for the salvation of souls from purgatory. Thus, the faithful could save his soul or a loved one by using the belt while praying to him or before the privileged altar and save suffering in the flames of purgatory.