View of Prague

Ferdinand Lepié | 1858

The Prague-born Georg Fels (1824-1883), better known by his artistic name Ferdinand Lepié (sometimes referred to as Lepgé). He received his artistic training at the Prague Academy between 1841 and 1844. He worked as a teacher for the Royal Canonry of the Premonstratensians at Strahov (1850-1860) and later moved to Vienna at the invitation of the Emperor, where he worked as a teacher at the Imperial Court. Among Lepié’s pupils, for example, was the landscape painter Alois Kirnig.  He concentrated mainly on painting cityscapes and landscapes. He depicted Prague many times, but also the Bohemian Forest or Austrian regions, such as the Salzkammergut, the Danube basin or the surroundings of Vienna. In addition to their undeniable artistic and aesthetic qualities, his works also have a high documentary value, as he took them with great precision and attention to detail.  The Brno painting is probably an author’s copy of a larger canvas, from which it differs not only in size, but especially in the signature and date – F. Lepié 1858. The painting faithfully captures the view of the Lesser Town and Hradčany. The first plan of the whole painting consists of a pair of boats with fishermen by the Old Town shore.