Decorative secretary with marketerie in the style of Andre-Charles Boulle

Vienna | circa 1710 | tortoiseshell, pewter, brass, precious stones (lapis lazuli, jasper, agate, rosewood and ebony marquetry, lime wood cut and gilded, cast, chased and gilded bronze

The marquetry of the renowned Parisian ebeniste (1642–1732) worked at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV. He combined organic and inorganic materials in his realizations, one of the most luxurious techniques of furniture decoration. Boullerie became highly sought after beyond French borders. Works originating in southern Germany and the Danube region were highly prized, based on original designs but reinterpreting them in a distinctive way. A cabinet from the Abbey of St. Brno, in the decoration of which precious stones were also used, ranks among the finest Boulle pieces originating from this region. The pandanus of the Old Brno cabinet is now part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.