Salon of Gregor Johann Mendel

Only a small part of the artefacts and furniture directly related to Gregor Johann Mendel have been preserved within the monastery confines. The original work environment evokes equipment that Mendel used directly. Subjects from the study room of Gregor Johann Mendel:

  1. Gregor Johann Mendel‘s desk and chair
  2. Gregor Johann Mendel‘s microscope
  3. Watches
  4. Candlestick and candle scissors
  5. Set of stationery – ink, pen, drinker
  6. Personal seal with the coat of arms of Abbot G. J. Mendel
  7. Tablecloth with initials G. J. Mendel


Gregor Johann Mendel’s personal objects, which he used during his frequent stays in the countryside and on his travels:

  1. Personal bag
  2. Travel cutlery
  3. Wooden travel case with fittings
  4. Measuring stick
  5. Walking stick with decorated handle
  6. Binocular accessory case